Terraria milestone the game reached a mark 2024

Terraria Milestone: The game reached an Incredible Mark on Steam
Terraria Milestone: The game reached an Incredible Mark on Steam

Terraria Milestone: The game reached an Incredible Mark on Steam

Indie Smash hit Terraria broke other records on Steam, showing the possibility of ranking the most positive reviews on the platform.

After initially launched on PC in 2011, Terraria has since made a name for itself as one of the greatest video games of all time, receiving some of the fair “final” content updates, and finally released on almost every relevant game platform that is a platform The relevant gaming has been available since then, from PS Vita to Google Stadia. And the record of the successful solving of this precedent continues, as seen from the latest disclosure.

Namely, players have found that Terraria has become the first Steam game with more than one million reviews that have maintained a “very positive” review rating. This game enjoyed a surprising 97% approval ranking on the platform, which means it may have become the most positive game reviewed on Steam.

Initially built on a rather small budget for open-world games, Terraria sees a lot of success immediately when launched because it combines the simplicity of the 2D platformer with intrinsic openness from the game of sandbox exploration, such as Minecraft. For the next or more decades, the developer continues to support the game with a large-scale content update, substantially growing the base of the player for a long time. The final result of this approach to content production is now proven by itself, with Terraria collecting 795,376 positive reviews since 2011.

Although it is almost impossible to defeat Terraria without guidance because of the vast available content, this game is a mainstay for gamers from all over the world. He continued to get endgame-level content to be much longer than what was thought of, with a large number of additional updates provided even after the “Final” content collection was pushed out.

Of course, all of this also means that Terraria has been sold very well, right? In early 2021 Terraria passed 35 million copies sold, and there was no need to say that this number only grew since then. It’s hard not to see the appeal too. Terraria offers as much complexity and content as a player who wants to be involved and finds new items after hundreds of hours of play is never heard.

Better, Terraria has many mods on a PC that make the game better. Players can download the flow of custom stories, levels, equipment, development trees, and even a full battle system overhaul if they want to do it. Considering all the above, it should not be too strange, maybe, that this humble two -dimensional survival game has been as successful during the last decade as before.

Terraria is available on 3DS, Mobile, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PS5, Switch, WII U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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