Jio F320b Sim Ways Insert Sim Solution

Jio F320b Sim Ways
Jio F320b Sim Ways

In this article, we will show you how to diagnose and solve the sim problem for Jio F320B. As is usual with smartphone problems, there are two basic possibilities behind any particular issue. One, the problem is caused by broken or defective hardware and 2nd problem is caused by water damage. This problem was also created due to small component damage,

Showing Problems

  • SIM is inserted but Showing “Insert SIM”
  • The Mobile Phone goes offline when the SIM Card is inserted.
  • Some time is sim works and then it stops working.
  • There is a message that says “Invalid SIM”.

Reasons for Problems

  • It might be due to dust on SIM Jacket contacts.
  • It might be due to faulty capacitors. If any of them is faulty then it will affect your overall SIM card function.
  • The issue might also be due to the SIM card IC

How To Solve LYF Jio F320B Insert Sim Problem

  • Clean the SIM jack and check.
  • Check all capacitors with the help of a multimeter, if any of them is faulty replace it.
  • Check all track-ways from the sim card connector with the help of a multimeter, if any of them is faulty make a jumper.

Jio F320b Sim Ways

 Jio f320b sim ways
Jio sim ways

Jio F320b Sim Jumper Diagram

Jio f320b sim ways
Jio f320b sim ways
jio phone sim jumer
Jio sim jumper

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