Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List 2022

Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List 2022
Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List 2022

Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List 2022

Dead by Daylight is one of the online multiplayer survival & horror games. DHF follows the pattern of one vs four like one player takes the role of the killer, and four players take the role of survivors.

The new -new version of Dead By Daylight has been released, namely, Roots of Dread (Chapter 24). This is a new character feature and a map, i.e. The Dredge (Killer), Haddie Kaur (Survivor), and Garden of Joy are disturbing (new maps). The perfect killer in the right hand can reduce a group of strong survivors, so it is important to choose an effective character.

We have ranked all DHF killers from the best to the worst and compiled a list of tiers that died by the Daylight Killer. This will help bring down the survivors and move forward in ranking.

List of Tier Killer Daylight Dead to the Strongest Until Daylight

For a simple understanding, we have distributed DHF killers into three categories, namely, the strongest, average, and weakened. Here the killers are evaluated based on their strengths and weaknesses. Every killer has certain pros and cons, and we have compared them with their ranking scale.

Tire 1 – The strongest killer


The Spirit is a murderer of phases who can use his travels, namely, Yamaoka who haunts, to capture the survivors. The power to haunt Yamaoka stops the killer and the people who survived from meeting each other.

The battle takes place based on sound instructions and environmental senses. He can teleport from one place to another without being seen. That makes the battle more difficult for survivors.

The Blight

Blight is one of the most powerful in the dead by the Daylight Killer Tier List. He can quickly defeat the survivors by bouncing from the surface to get to the land. Blight is very fast and has the best map control in the game.

So the survivors need to make quick decisions to survive the hard learning curve. Above everything, rotten diseases are very dangerous, so survivors must remain vigilant and careful.


The nurse raised their last breath of Spencer, allowing him to penetrate the spirit world. He can blink or teleport to a distance and ignore all environmental defenses placed by the survivors.

The survivors must hide from nurses because they have the power to reduce their abilities and track injured survivors. Nurses are high gift killers and come with very high risks.


He can encourage survivors to vulnerable points by locking the loop with terrible pride, causing continuous threats to the survivors. Artists can get a broad advantage on the map using three phones in an effective position to kill the entire area and cause deadly damage.


The executioner can manipulate maps to torture survivors with the dangers created. Danger may look like a swimming pool filled with broken glass. The hook is especially fatal for the affected survivors.
The last judgment & the peace cage empower it to defend its prey and track the survivors. So, there is no point that he is one of the dead with a list of tier killers during the day.

The Hag:

Hag is a cursed killer, and his strength allows him to regulate many fantasy traps. This trap can move the survivors as soon as they trigger them. So, if the survivors enter the trap, they will soon be reflected by Heg, and he will hit them hard. He continues to spin around the map, so it’s quite difficult to stay safe from him.

The Huntress:

The Huntress is a long-distance killer among the other strongest by-the-tier list of daytime killers. He was armed with an ax that could hurt the survivors from a distance and pose a constant threat to survivors. Throwing an ax can kill the pursuit in a few moments from afar.


He is a terrible killer, and his most frightening strength is the ability to absorb the blood energy of injured survivors. Then, he can use energy to turn into malignant devils. Yamaoka’s anger allowed Oni to destroy the survivors in a few moments with a deadly Kanabo. As soon as he rooted, his accusation killed the survivors in a shot.


Vile cleaning is the power of the great DHF killer, plague. This allows the outbreak to shoot bile flows transmitted to survivors. After being hit, the survivors were infected with the plague.

The infected survivors can heal themselves in the devotion pool placed around the map. But once they recovered, the pool became red, and the plague became stronger.

The Twins:

The twins, Charlotte & Victor, are cooperatives from strong killers. They divided into two teams to hunt for survivors together with their bloody blood bonds. In the hunt, Charlotte released his high-speed twin brother, Victor, to be defeated with a pounce attack. Among the twins, Victor defeated the one who survived quickly, and Charlotte associated it.

Tires to -2 -Average list of dead levels by daylight killer

The Cenobite:

Cenobite is a calling killer, also known as a pinhead. He can torture everyone who survived on the map as well as the configuration of wafer and chain projectiles. This causes pain and suffering for every map that survived all over. Cenobite can also impose punishment after binding the survivors.

The Deathslinger:

Deathlinger’s handmade pistol is very effective in stabbing survivors from remote spears. He is good at predictions, and his accurate goal can easily kill survivors. But the survivors can easily avoid it and save themselves.


The clown is considered the best killer among the average dead by a list of daytime killers due to its effective strategy. He threw the afterpiece tonic bottle, creating a poison gas cloud. This can cover a large area quickly and the survivors. However, the goal is not perfect and quite easy to avoid.


No one wants to come on the cannibal or leather path, especially when he uses his chainsaw. One chainsaw swing can heat up several targets. But the relief is that cannibals are very difficult and inaccurate, so he is easily avoided. One chainsaw swing can heat up several targets.


He is famous for his showstopper, a series of blades or knives at the survivors on the map. Fraudsters can flood the survivors by throwing a lot of blades in a short range, which can cause their death.


Demogorgon is a very strong killer because he can put people who survived in a state of dying with one blow. Also, he used to teleport from one portal to another to pursue survivors on the map. The best way for survivors is to spread around the map as soon as they hear Demogorgon screaming.

The Hillbilly:

The Hillbilly is a high-speed killer among the dead by the Daylight Killer Tier List. He can travel long distances quickly to go down the survivors instantly with the chainsaw. Also, he took a long road to all large maps and killed the survivors who came on his way.


Nemesis is very large to be killed in its reach. Enemy T-Virus gives him a special attacking ability called Tentacle Strike. He can infect anyone with it. Also, zombies can kill careless survivors when they roam around the map.


He can cause interference around the map with shock therapy, namely, splashing carter. After contacting the survivors, they hallucinate and start shouting terror, who revealed their position to the doctor to hunt easily.

Ghost Face:

The ghost’s face was strong enough to surprise his victim with a blow and a killer focused on stealth. He can hurt the survivors with a knife, and his strength can easily destroy the door. But you can avoid it by causing interference, like throwing a beer bottle on his face.


This is a collection of strong killers, Frank, Julie, Susie, and Joey. They can continue to face injuries with the power of hustle and wild. This is a high-level sprint used to handle damage when chasing survivors with their hunting knives.


As the name suggests, nightmares can force survivors into the world of crazy dreams, where they become vulnerable to the ability of their dreams. He also has a dream snare to trap the survivors and can deceive them using a fake dream palette.


This killer can force the survivors to take video footage from TV, so he teleported and emerged from the same thing. In this way, he can easily pursue his prey, but once the cassette is taken from the TV, he will become helpless.

The Wraith:

The wailing bell from Wraith made him not visible for 4 seconds, so he could track and attack his target to eliminate it. But if the survivors start running when they hear the bell, they can be saved easily from Wraith.

3rd level – weak killer

Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List 2022
Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List 2022


He is an effective killer with an inverted bear trap, who can knock down players. They will find it very difficult to keep themselves relieved from the traps. But the bear trap reversed is very easy to avoid with a little care.


The shape extracts the strength of others and is a very efficient stealth-based killer. If he did not convey the survivors, he could not have the strength he needed to drop him. But, if he gets stronger, its shape may be invincible.

The Trapper:

Bloodweb for other killers can open unique allowances from the trap. He is a great killer, but his trap is very easy to identify. Thus the survivors who are careful can easily save themselves from him.

Last words

So, here we have given directions about the strongest to the weakest in death by the Daylight Killer Tier List. The unique power of the killers makes them invincible in the game, but with knowledge, you can avoid them to survive. So you can understand the strengths of each and use them.


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