LYF Jio F90m Flash File Firmware Stock Rom

LYF Jio F90m Flash File
LYF Jio F90m Flash File

If U Flashing the Lyf Jio F90M Flash File keypad mobile and now getting errors just like the auto reboot, white or blank display, or any other problem yes then you’ve landed in the right place and today we’ll show you the simplest way to flash LYF Jio F90M firmware. The Free SPDupgrade tool is enough to flash LYF Jio F90M flash files as an LYF Jio F90M flash tool.

Advantages of Firmware

Update Software Version:

Flashing is an installation process of the software files, this Flash File will update the phone software version to the latest version.

Fix Software Issus:

In this case, the flashing process installs your phone system files and removes the corrupt files and the phone will return to work.

Software Bug:

All software has some bugs and some bugs come after using the software but if you see Some bugs in the phone that prevent some functions of the phone from working properly then you can fix this problem by Do Flashing.

F90m Firmware Information

  • Rom OS Version: Android
  • Network Support: 4G
  • Processor: Octa-Core processor
  • Passwords: Lyff90m00_Repairmymobile

Download LYF Jio F90M Flash File

you tubeKabal Khajaliya
Flash FileLYF-F90M-000-03-31-121219 
Flash FileLYF-F90M-000-03-30-101019
Flash ToolQFil Tool

Link Broken = Comment if Any Link Broken

How To Flash LYF JIO F90M with Megafone Flash Tool:

  • Download the F90M flash file and Extract it on the computer.
  • Install the Qualcomm USB driver and Megafone flash tools on your computer.
  • Run the Megafone Download Tool application on your computer and then click the Select_Path button on this tool. Select & assign the path h to the prog_emmc_firehose_8909_lite file in the extracted Flash file folder.
  • Connect your mobile to the computer with a USB cable and press the boot key. Then you can find the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLader_9008 port in the device manager.
  • Tap the DOWNLOAD button to start the installation of the flash file on your mobile.
  • Once finished, you can restart your phone and use it normally.

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