Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Falcon Vehicle 2024

The latest Halo Infinite leak reveals the work version progress of the UH-144 Falcon Rotor Vehicle that might come to the game.

Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Falcon Vehicle
Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Falcon Vehicle

Almost no secret that many things happen with Halo Infinite behind the scenes, especially now that the cooperative campaign mode comes out in beta and Forge mode will be released soon. However, this main addition is not the only thing that seems to come to Infinite at this time, and smaller pieces of content are exhibited by data miners.

Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Falcon Vehicle

One of the unlimited bits and unlimited halo pieces seems to be the Rotor UH-144 Falcon company because the data miners have found what appears to be a very early vehicle appearance. Although this does not have to immediately confirm that the Falcon dropship will eventually become a vehicle that can be used in the latest Halo game, the condition of the model is very curious.

According to Halo’s Leak Twitter account, the data version mined from UH-144 Falcon, in reality, is very similar to the version of vehicles left behind and lagging from Halo 4. This is a rendition that is moss and subsides in the low detail of the vehicle, but one of which is not One of them has a different silhouette from Falcon. The specific screenshots displayed by Halo Leaks also showed off DMR Bulldog Halo Infinite which had previously leaked, although this time without the classic scope.

While the state of Halo Infinite is currently leaving a lot of things that are desired, 343 Industries certainly seems to turn several content releases that will come in Backend. Apart from the massive additions such as Co-OP campaigns and Forge, Falcon and Bulldog modes may end up being a small-scale content update or part of a substantial DLC-level effort. If that is prepared 343 for these items, then they might be part of the first main Halo Infinite expansion package in the end.


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