Fix: MultiVersus Fetching Product Error 2022

Fix: MultiVersus Fetching Product Error
Fix: MultiVersus Fetching Product Error
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Fix: MultiVersus Fetching Product Error

Online games always have bugs, mistakes, and problems. There aren’t many games that don’t have bugs or mistakes since they were first released. Since the initial access to Beta is available, Multiversus have begun to show errors and failures. Players are currently disturbed by WB Multiversus taking an error code when trying to buy products in the game.

The initial access version of the game was available a week before, on July 19, for those who took part in the game closed game and/or who will participate in the upcoming 2V2 tournament in the 2022 Evolutionary Championship series, where the top 32 teams will compete to get the section From a collection of $ 100,000 prizes, as well as through the Twitch Drops prize program console.

Multiversus is similar to the Super Smash Bros Nintendo in terms of gameplay. To force the opposition to get out of the arena, players compete. You will travel further when beaten if you are damaged. One hard blow can drop you on the screen if you have absorbed a lot of damage. Another team will score one point if you are beaten or fall outside the marked area.

Multiversus takes product errors

When a player tries to buy a character or a broadcaster, the product error often appears. The message “There is an unknown error when taking the product” appears every time the user clicks the “Open Lock” button. Gamers cannot unlock the character or buy a broadcaster because of this problem.

Is the developer realizing this problem is unknown to us? Regarding this inaccuracy, they have not made an official statement.

Method 1: Restart the game

The players reported that restarting the game temporarily solved this problem. Restarting the game generally solves many errors and problems. However, you must restart your game several times to correct the errors that do not disappear with a single restart.

Method 2: Update game

Make sure your early access is also up to date. This type of problem can also occur when using older versions. Therefore, see if there are accessible updates. Install the update if you find one and your problem should be solved. However, if your game is up to date and you always meet the error, try to restart it several times to temporarily solve the problem.


The creators must be responsible for solving the problem, so if we do not receive a positive reaction, we must wait. There is a good chance that they will also be aware and repair it before publishing the full version, but some restarts should be sufficient to allow us to continue playing the game.

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