Elden Ring Turtle Shield: How to Get it & Location

Elden Ring Turtle Shield: How to Get it & Location
Elden Ring Turtle Shield: How to Get it & Location

Elden Ring Turtle Shield: If you are attacked by certain enemies, especially BOS, they may have a very strong attack that, if they succeed, can cause significant damage to your health bar. A shield is an efficient weapon that can turn enemy fire. Find out how to get the famous turtle shell shield here in this article.

Identified Location of the Elden Ring Giant Turtle Shield

The Great Turtle Shell Shield is one of many different shields, and that is a moderate shield. A medium size shield can stop more hits than a smaller size, but the last is more comfortable to carry.

Great Turtle Shell Shield users gain strength to protect themselves from the potential attack by creating barriers around themselves. To strengthen the defense and attack of a person’s shield, strength is needed.

The Great Turtle Shield is located in the lower-left corner of the map that has just been served.

You can walk to the top of the tower to the right by using a vortex, which can be found here. There is a bed with a body nearby on the side of the cliff where the tower is perched. After you are within reach, select the ruins of the pillage from the menu.


As a direct result of this, Elden Ring Turtle Shield has reached its conclusions. Please remember that the stage of the development of this game is quite early and that there are still a large number of areas to be discussed. Thank you This walkthrough will remain up to date with new information, characters that can be played, and strategies when available, as well as safe locations for things in the game to be stored.

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