PUBG New State: New weapons and Survivor Pass2

PUBG New State
New State Pubg

PUBG New State’s new update: little more for new weapons and Survivor Pass2

A significant update of PUBG New State has been booked for Thursday, December 9 however that update has not shown up yet. Crafton has now reported that the new update date of PUBG New State has been expanded.

A new and big update was going to come in PUBG New State on 9th December. Krafton announced that a major update to PUBG New State has been scheduled for Thursday, December 9, but that update is yet to arrive. Crafton has now announced that the new update date of PUBG New State has been extended.

PUBG: New State’s new update has not been released

A lot of changes were going to happen with the new update in this popular battle royale game. The game was also going to bring new weapons, weapons customization, new vehicles, and a new Survivor Pass. Gamers playing PUBG New State were eagerly waiting for all these new changes but now they will have to wait a little longer.

Pubg new state
new state Pubg

The new update will be delayed for Pubg new state

Crafton tweeted last evening to inform us that the maintenance work has been suspended today due to the delay in-app review, unfortunately. Apart from this, Crafton told users through its Twitter handle that the update will now be released with the new schedule and they will share its details with their users once the new schedule is created.

Now it has to be seen how long Crafton offers new and latest updates in this special battle royale game PUBG New State. On the other hand, how long will users have to wait for new weapons, vehicles, and other features?

the new update will be special

Crafton had previously revealed that PUBG: New State was about to receive a new Survivor Pass Volume 2, which provides gamers with upgrade-level rewards. However, now gamers will have to wait a little longer to take advantage of this surveyor pass. Apart from this, with the new update, users can also get a new assault rifle L85A3. This weapon will be offered in Erangel and Troi with the new update. Apart from these, many new things are expected to come in the new update.

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