TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool Free Download MTK Phone

TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool
TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool

TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool Free Download

TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool is a small apparatus for a Windows PC. It is allowed by clients to avoid or eliminate user keys, FRP, factory reset, data format (client information design), safe format (storing data), delete FRP (all MTK), delete FRP (Samsung), Bootloader Relock, and unlock permanently. The equipment is a business without reason you don’t have a strong reason to move or buy anything is a truly free device and made in C # language and the exhibition of instruments is very fast and the UI is also very good. For more data, you want to download and use the device once.

This tool is tested by thousands of users and works properly. I have given you the activation link below you can try and post the results. TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool Download Free

TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool
TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool

Features: TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool Free Download

Reset factory

  • Users are allowed to bypass auth protection from all MTK-based phones in just one click

Data format

  • Allowed users to delete or format data from all MTK-based phones with just one click.

Safe format (misc)

  • Users allow to format safely without risk you can easily format MTK-based phones.

Safe format (para)

  • Users allow to format safely without risk you can easily format MTK-based phones.

Remove FRP.

  • Allowed Users to remove the FRP key from MTK-based smartphones. This function works on several cellphones if the tool does not work, please wait for a new update.

Erase FRP (Samsung)

  • Delete FRP on Samsung MTK-based smartphones with one just you don’t need to bypass FRP tricks or other paid services to remove the FRP key from Samsung MTK phones.

Mi Temp Bypass Account

  • MI accounts delete temporarily with the help of this option. After you use the internet on your cellphone locked again and stuck on the MI account login.

Unlock bootloader.

  • With this option, you can easily unlock your mobile bootloader in just 5 seconds. This tool allows users to unlock operating operations Bootloader and after you, custom flash format or recovery custom flash.

Relock bootloader.

  • In this option, you can lock back the bootloader after you can do all your work in just 5 seconds.

Permanently open key

  • permanently open the key account with the help of this option. You can use any wifi or data without problems also not necessary for VPN applications for phone use.

Drivers install x64 and x86

  • In this option, you can install the MTK driver on the x64 and x32 base operating system with one click.

How To Use TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool

1.  First, Download the TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool.

2.  Then, Extract all Files on the Pc desktop or C:/ create  a folder for no space

3. Create Free Account and Open

4.  install  the driver if currently introduced skip this 

5.  Now connect the telephone and do it !!!

Download TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool All MTK Phone

TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool Free Download

TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool


Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Take a Backup: If you are using the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Phone flashing any Firmware or recovery file may brick the device.

This Software TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool does NOT contain any virus. However, the exe file was packed and your PC’s Anti-Virus may detect it as a threat.

If you don’t trust this software, then DO NOT use it.

If this software TFT Unlocker V1.0 Tool doesn’t  work on your Windows, then download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

=========== Direct Operation ===========

Direct Reset FRP (Boot Mode)
Direct Factory Reset + FRP Reset (Boot Mode)
Direct Unlock Bootloader (Boot Mode)
Direct Factory Reset (Boot Mode)
Bypass Auth (Boot Mode)

=========== Unlock Operation ===========

Reset Protection (FRP)
Reset FRP (Erase Method)
Reset FRP (Samsung)
Reset FRP (Samsung) New
Reset MDM (Samsung)
Reset KG (Samsung)
Remove MiAccount (Erase Method)
Remove MiAccount (Patch Method)
Reset Mi Account (New Method)
Factory Reset / Format Userdata
Safe Format (Misc)
Factory Reset / FRP Reset
Reset PIN & Reset FRP
Reset Screen Lock
Reset FRP (New Method)
Remove Huawei ID

=========== Function ===========

Unlock Bootloader
Relocking Bootloader
Auth Bypass
Reset NV Data
Backup Dump Boot
Permanently Unlock
Read Dump Preloader
Read Flash
Backup OEM Huawei
Restore OEM Huawei
Remove For Demo Vivo
Remove For Demo Oppo
Remove For Demo Realme
Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo A15
Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo A1k
Fix Dl Not Complete Realme C2
Backup Nvdata / NVRAM

=========== Flasher ===========

BROM version:


=========== Partition ===========

Boot Info
Reset FRP
Factory Reset
Auth Security Bypass
Backup EFS
Restore EFS
Write Partition Config XML
Read Selected Partitions
Format Selected Partitions
DM-Verity Corrupted Error Fix
Erase NVData, NVRM

=========== Meta Mode ===========

Meta Unlock 1 (Realme)
Meta Unlock 2 (Realme)
Meta Unlock 3(Realme)
Meta Unlock 4 (Realme)
Meta Unlock 1 (Oppo)
Meta Unlock 2 (Oppo)
Meta Unlock 3(Oppo)
Meta Unlock 4 (Oppo)
Meta Unlock 1 (Vivo)
Meta Unlock 2 (Vivo)
Meta Unlock 3(Vivo)
Meta Unlock 4 (Vivo)

How To Backup Your Important Data?

Initially connect your mobile device with a PC or laptop OK. Now you can choose MTP [media transfer protocol]. And then copy your device information and save it on a PC or laptop. For more details click here

Note :

Please back up your data before upgrading to Android. If you want to downgrade your device’s software version to Android Lower Version by an official software package, it may cause erase all data from your device be sure to backup your important data before Updating!

Instructions to Install:


We’re at will not be liable for any sort of harm/mistake that happens to your handset while/after following this aide or blazing any record. Continue at your danger.


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