Stormlash Diablo 2 Key and Notes

Stormlash Diablo 2 Key and Notes

Stormlash Diablo 2: Stormlash is a good thing Diablo 2 has resurrected, but if you look at his stats, you will see that he does something completely different. This is the highest level of Diablo 2 gear, and you will be able to use it when you reach level 82 and have full dex power. This guide tells you what the main stats of this unique D2 item are and how to use them to progress in the game.

Notes of Stormlash Diablo 2

Even a small rope can die in the hands of an experienced soldier. A mace can be anything from a simple wooden stick to a large cudgel with a metal blade. Maces come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have the same purpose: to beat people to death by breaking their legs and crushing their bones. The most effective way to use wood is against undead monsters like skeletons and dried corpses, whose broken bones cannot be repaired.

  • In version 1.10 of the expansion, the chance of calling Special is 1 in 2000.
  • Elite Uniques can only be found in Diablo II expansions, not Diablo II Classic.
  • All passive weapons, such as maces and maces, do 50% more damage to zombies.

Stormlash Diablo 2 Key

Weapon Speed ​​(WSM) is a measure of how quickly a weapon is compared to others of the same type. -10, -20, etc. is fast, whereas 10, 20, etc. is gentle.

Swing Speed: The speed at which each character uses a melee weapon is displayed in the game. This race doesn’t mean much, and it’s shown to be perfect. These characters are written with initials, so Amazon is written “Am” and “Assassin” is written “Like”.

Bonus Dmg: This tells you how much damage you have to multiply by your stats to actually get that damage. Every point you have in this stat makes your damage equal to the amount increased by 100%. A damage amount of 70, for example, is 70/100, or more. 7% weapon damage per second. Most weapons have 100 str, meaning that for every point of str, the weapon deals 1% more damage.

Item Level: For this item to drop on crates or monsters, they must be at least this level. Ilvl is used to calculate chaos, sales, and more.

Range: From 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum), and one for all melee weapons. In other words, 3 swords equal 3 spears equals 3 hammers.

Required Clvl: Your character must have at least this or more to support the item. No Specials required Clvl before v1.07 D2.


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