Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Announces Release Date

Dual Universe combines Eve online elements, Star Citizen, Minecraft, Space Engineers, and No Man’s Sky to MMO SCI-Fi that focuses on creativity.

Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Announces Release Date
Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Announces Release Date

Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Announces Release Date September 22

After years of development after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Dual Universe finally prepared for the full release date. Fans of the Sci-Fi genre who are looking for MMO can hope to pursue various roles while creating ships, their own buildings, and many more when the universe is released on Steam.

Dual Universe has announced that the official release date will be on September 27, with the beta server closed on September 22 in preparation for the launch. Dual Universe is being developed by Novaquark, a studio based in Paris founded by former Robotics employees of Ubisoft, Sony, Apple, and Aldebaran. This game has long arrived, with the original CEO of Novaquark claiming that the idea was originally valid around 2011. This game was first revealed in 2016 after E3 and collects more than $ 560,000 in funding thanks to investors and supporters at Kickstarter.

Dual Universe is an ambitious combination of various high-profile sci-fi titles aimed at creating MMO Sci-Fi that is fully driven by users who are similar to the universe dominated by Eve online players. Players hold full control over the universe of the game and can modify the environment and build houses, cities, and space stations in the sandbox that are played a little like Minecraft in space. Gameplay and economy are fully driven by players because there is no NPC to talk about, and so every interaction will be one of the players who all share one server.

The material can be removed or added to the Voxel-based environment which is the basis for the economy of the market -based resources, crafts, and construction systems. Build-Savvy players can even run companies that sell designs to other players, while other players may want to focus on piracy, hunting prizes, or leadership roles.

Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Announces Release Date

Sci-Fi fans are interested in the genre for an escape to the future that can be trusted from unlimited possibilities, and maybe that’s why players are interested in MMO fi fiction such as Eve Online, Star Citizen, and Elite: Dangerous. While MMO fantasy such as World of Warcraft is very common, the sci-fi genre historically is less represented in the genre. Dual Universe has a unique opportunity to attract players who have been looking for MMO Sci-Fi that they have not tried, while MMO settings mean they will not compete directly with highly anticipated games such as Starfield which is single-player.

Dual Universe uses a subscription model of $ 10/month rather than purchasing once in an effort to maintain funds for server maintenance. Although some players may be aware of the subscription model, this also means that players can try the universe’s doubles for $ 10 rather than buying at $ 60 full.

Dual Universe will be launched on September 27 for PC. Beta is available until September 22.

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