Michael (South Park), Personality and Family

Michael (South Park), Personality and Family

Michael (South Park), Michael is the most famous of the Goth Kids, and he is the only one who appears in the story. In the seventh season, the episode “Raisins” is the first time we see it.

Michael Appearance

Michael walks with a brown cane because he is an Edwardian goth. However, it is sometimes seen without it. In “Grapes” he gave it to Stan, and in “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers” he threw it while running. Michael was taller than the other children and had curly black hair that was parted on the right. He looks different from all children in South Park because he has a big nose and ears. Michael also has black eyeliner under his eyes. He wears a long black jacket over a white shirt, black pants, and black high heels. In his left ear, an earring that looks like a golden cross.

Michael South Park

When the vampire’s behavior slowly begins, he dresses like a normal person so that people don’t think he’s a vampire. Her dress is brown with a white band around it. He also wears gray pants and brown shoes.

In South Park: Stick of Truth, he wears a Viking helmet, holds an axe, and wears a brown scarf. Michael is the grown man from South Park: Post-Covid. He is the youngest of the goth kids because he has no wrinkles. He still wore the same earrings and the same black jacket, but now he had straws, glasses, and a navy blue shirt.

In “Pajama Day”, she wears a dark gray nightgown with buttons, a nightcap, and black slippers. She also holds a candle and a black pillow with a skull on it.

Michael Characters

In “You Got F’d in the A”, Michael helps Stan’s fans become the scariest of them all by making sure they don’t follow the gothic rules. He suggests adding Yao to the girl, who becomes Raisins Girl Mercedes. In “The Ungroundable,” Michael comes back and is mistaken for a baby vampire. Mike Makowski is the leader of Vampire Kids. The Goth Kids kidnap him and plan to put a stick through his heart, but they end up sending him to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Michael and a few others appeared in “T.M.I.” and a class on how to be angry. He may have a small birth because he works with people who have anger problems because of their birth control.

Michael, Pete, and Firkle heard in “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers” that Henrietta went to a discipline camp that made her “mockery”. They went to CPS to say Henrietta’s parents were hurting her, but they didn’t say she wasn’t hurting. Later in the episode, he tries to talk to Henrietta. He told him that emos will be like the rest of the world because he cannot stop them. When he returned home, his parents sent him back to the same camp to help “change” him. He tries to escape twice with help and get Henrietta back.

Michael Family

According to “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers”, Michael has an Asian mother and a Caucasian father, which indicates that he is biracial. However, he may refer to her as his mother-in-law, as he says, “Love didn’t work for my mom and dad, so why should it work for me? ” in the episode “Grapes”, it appears that his parents are not really together anymore. As for Henrietta’s accusation that her mother “mistreated” her, this may be an exaggeration.

Close Friends

  • Firkle Smith
  • Pete
  • Butters Stotch
  • Yao
  • Stan marsh
  • Henrietta biggle
  • Mercedes

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