Jio F320B Mic Ways | Mic Jumper Solution

Jio F320B Mic Ways Jumper Solution

jio f320b mic ways mic jumper
Jio f320b mic ways

Jio F320B Mic Ways

In this article, we will show you how to diagnose and solve the MIC problem Jio F320B Mic Ways Jio F320b How to Mic, MIC does not work, a mic jumper solution with your Microphone on your F320B cellphone so you can return using your cellphone for calling calls, and things These other things you use your mobile microphone.

As is usual with smartphone problems, there are two basic possibilities behind any particular issue. One, the problem is being caused by broken or defective hardware, and two, the problem is being caused by a software glitch.

The microphone problem in LYF JIO F320B is largely due to small component damage called a funnel, usually found on the base of the phone when held in a call position. The problem makes people unlikely to hear from you every time you start a call. The problem produced from the funnel is multi-faceted. The following includes responsibility for the mail problem on the cellphone.

Jio F320B Mic Ways Problem, Possible Causes, And Solution:

  1. High/Low resistance value
  2. Oxidation
  3. Bad/partial contact
  4. Short or open circuit

Jio F320B Mic Ways

Changing the Jio F320B Mic can be a little complicated. It’s soldered to the motherboard so if you delete it remember the position of placement and put a new microphone in the same way. If you have a damaged mold from the microphone connection point, I have marked everything in the diagram below. Please note that we will edit this solution or add a new one that is found on this page anytime in the future. So don’t hesitate to go back anytime on this page to stay up to date.

Here are some tested, working, and solved tricks to resolve the  Jio F320B Missing Mic problem solution.

  1. First, you need to change the mic if that is faulted. To confirm the faulty mic, you can test it by recording your voice or making a direct call on another cell phone.
  2. For the missing mic pins, you can apply the two same jumper from mic to other/next pinpoints.
  3. Make sure! mic hole is open and there is no dust, rust, or carbon cause. If the mic hole is closed, the user can face the low voice issue during your calls.

Jio F320B Mic Ways, Microphone Not Working Problem Solution:

Microphone problems or microphones can also be generated from poor contacts, meaning that there is a partial or total termination between the microphone and the interface that should be connected. What you do only, in this case, is to just tighten the phone with a screwdriver, or you find the termination and solder properly, and with it, your cellphone funnel will return to normal …

jio f320b mic ways mic jumper
Jio f320b mic jumper

Remove the org mic and change ths.if u dont hve org jio mic. thn use ths tricks

Watch full video for more detail

How To Repair Jio F320B Mic Not Working Problem

jio f320b mic ways mic jumper

How To Repair lyf Jio F320B Mic Not Working Problem

1-use 4.5k resistor

2- conct two points

jio f320b mic ways mic jumper
Jio f320b mic


a: Red vire soldering right points

jio f320b mic ways mic jumper
Jio f320b

B-Now black points sold likes ths

jio f320b mic ways mic jumper
Jio f320b jumper

If you have any further questions please leave a message.

Keep in mind every solution posted on Our website has been well tested before by our specialist team, But still, we do not take any responsibility for any damage it may cause to your cell phone. Use these repairing solutions at your own Risk, Thank you.


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