House of the Dragon Reviews a Welcome Return to Westeros

House of the Dragon Reviews a Welcome Return to Westeros
House of the Dragon Reviews a Welcome Return to Westeros

House of the Dragon Reviews a Welcome Return to Westeros

House of the Dragon, the new Game of Thrones HBO Max prequel from Ryan Condal and George R. R. Martin, is a series that understands how interesting it is when epic fantasy explores the idea of ​​history with himself in all space and time. But in his efforts to enrich the world of Song of Ice and Fire by echoing narrative melodies that form the Game of Thrones, the House of the Dragon fell into a very close and wrong Volcanic trap with the assumption that the connection to a larger franchise is enough to make it interesting.

Establishing about 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen, House of the Dragon tells a complicated, terrible story, and often about how the Targaryen family quarrels on the iron throne ultimately caused the extinction of almost all of their lines and their wing water swings. Instead of handling all the origin of Targaryen’s house in complete detail such as the vast Martin novel Fire & Blood, House of the Dragon instead focuses on some important moments placed in Putri and Queen, a story about how some of the most powerful families in Westeros Become a mortal enemy.

Although there is a definite sense of peace and calm when the House of the Dragon is opened for several years until the reign of King Viserys I Targaryen (Paddy Considine), it is the type of illusion that is only the most protected and protected people in a true kingdom can be true -Really can be complete -really can be complete -really can really be really able to believe.

Apart from the eldest heir to the king, Princess Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock), was born a girl, with the Empress of the Queen of Pregnant Gemma Targaryen (Sian Brooke) who brought a child who was believed to be a boy, there was a little concern about who wanted to inherit the throne during the visit I am dead.

It’s easy for those who are not in harmony with a bigger context than their historical moment not to clearly see the problem of brewing in King’s Landing. But the opposite is really good for the audience, and for those closest to the royal family such as Viserys I who is thirsty for the blood of the younger brother Prince Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), King’s Hands, Ser Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans), and Lord of the King of the famous tidal king, Corlys Viaryon (Steve Toussaint).

As always happens in Westeros in terms of succession lines and domain fate, the similarity of unity that radiates from the throne denies bad blood, fraud, and politics that places each member of the royal family in their position of power. While Game of Thrones with experts illustrates this reality for several seasons, and from many clear perspectives, House of the Dragon thinks that you understand this about his world, and do not waste time to do the intrafamily betrayal of its characters.

While the Urgency of the House of the Dragon initially felt like it had the potential to make the series feel more nimble and demanding than its predecessor, it began to feel like a mistake in the steps of so many players introduced, and their motivation was revealed.

House of the Dragon that is pacing -mandir, large bend, dramatic from the fate and moment -bombast moment is often given priority than smaller and more complicated intrigue for strength which is some of the most memorable parts of the prose Martin. Whether the House of the Dragon character is a cadre of Fabulis and Sociopaths who is very inspired, this will not be a problem. But in one or two first episodes, a large number of House of the Dragon’s Power players are declared so two -dimensional and narrow view so that it is often difficult to trust them as the legendary figures from the past they want them to become.

While some of the strange vibrations empty into the simple fact that the beat of the house of the dragon often reflects what Martin wrote about the princess and the queen, most of them come from how hard this series tries to frame the characters as the remix version of the remix of the game of thrones ‘. Despite being a series about Targaryens before their autumn, it is difficult not to see the traces of Starks and Baratheon in Game of Thrones in their characterizations, and not in a way that feels intentional nods on how families are destined to interact in the future.

Almost as if to emphasize how far more it seems not to care about the Targaryens and Velaryon haircuts in the past, the Wig House of the Dragon ranged from decent to ridiculous in terms of the trust. This is the type of detail that you expect from HBO to a few voters for a show that tries to persuade to be the next big thing, especially considering how much attention to the details is clearly paid in other places in the development of Valyrian high in Rhaenyra and Daemon language is very slipping.

In contrast to the Targaryen family, whose members House of the Dragon does better work to perfect as people just by giving them more screen time, most of the prominent color characters – especially Velaryon – are background players presented like an Apologia late person For white Game of Thrones. Happy to see black people who are not enslaved be a more significant part of this world. But between the House of the Dragon which seems to lack quality wig budget and the way the Velaryon factor into this story, sometimes it also feels as if the creative team of the event does not think of some fragile optics.

House of the Dragon Reviews a Welcome Return to Westeros
House of the Dragon Reviews a Welcome Return to Westeros

Similar to how House of the Dragon does not seem to know how to talk about race, this series also struggles with a depiction of sex and violence that marks its first season as a reminder of various ways that people can do with each other. In almost every example of people who fight or sleep with each other, there is a lack of elegance that is different from the way the camera follows the action of the scene.

What eventually becomes more than a problem, is how confident House of the Dragon is a novel because it reviews the details that have been set such as how Targaryens are known for sleeping with their family members, and how common twins are in the Lannister family are.

In choosing to improve aspects of Westerosi life like that during this time period, House of the Dragon often feels like it does not have a wild curiosity needed to make a prequel like this really sing. It can change well if HBO Max keeps the House of the Dragon running and encourages the show to become a wise interpolation from the future that we know. But for now, the House of the Dragon is another from the Hyper-Validy Story about Swords and Magic that you have not yet doubted before.

House of the Dragon also stars Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke, Eve Best, Fabien Frankel, Sonoya Mizuno, Ryan Corr, Jefferson Hall, John Macmillan, Wil Johnson, Nanna Blondell, and Theo Nate. The first series on HBO Max was on August 21.

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